Party With Elfster

SBANetWeb  Elfster has the perfect gift giving game for family and friends for any holiday or special occasion. It makes reaching out, communicating and celebrating the holidays with friends and family more simple and easier than ever before.

 Who is Elfster?

In 2003 Peter’s wife Kelly and sister Julia faced the annual hours-long task of organizing the family Secret Santa gift exchange. Peter spent a couple of weeks attempting to save them time. That experience gave birth to Elfster. The staff now includes a group of friends, hackers and gifters devoted to solving the problem of how to help people spread their generosity by making gift giving easier.

What is Elfster?

Elfster provides an online Secret Santa organizer and gift-giving social networking platform. All for free! Elfster can set up Secret Santa gift exchanges for party organizers short on time, allowing them to experience the joy of gift-giving without the hassle.

What is a Secret Santa gift exchange anyway?

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a tradition that has appeared, often by other names, throughout the world. In a Secret Santa gift exchange, members of a group draw the names of other members and anonymously exchange presents. Elfster offers Secret Santa gift exchanges for all holidays, parties and special occasions such as virtual baby showers, craft swaps, postcard exchanges and family reunions and much more.

How does it work?

You begin at the Secret Santa generator. It is ideal for someone filled with the spirit of giving but who also dislikes organizing all the details necessary. The Secret Santa generator requires only a few bits of information:

  • Provide the details of your gift exchange, the date, time, where it takes place, the spending limit and the sign-up deadline.
  • Enter the participants’ names and email addresses.
  • Relax, receive the info for your giftee and begin shopping.

That’s it. The Santa Generator does the rest. It assigns Secret Santa buddies and stores all the details. Participants in the exchange then sign in to Elfster and create their wish lists for their Secret Santa to review and shop from. By keeping track of all the participants’ names, email addresses and wish lists, Elfster simplifies the gift giving experience and makes it more enjoyable.

Other Elfster services

The authors of the Elfster blog posts give useful information on a lot of subjects: gift ideas for birthdays at every age, for Christmas and all other holidays, for families and kids and for office parties and other occasions, They give information and suggestions about gifts in different price ranges and do-it-yourself gifts. They discuss unusual party ideas and many other subjects.

The Elfster shopping guide features gifts for men, women and kids in the areas of entertainment, electronics, sports and dozens of other categories. Of course participants may choose wish lifts from Amazon, Target and other gift suppliers.

In Elfster’s “Fun Stuff” section you will find a collection of free printables to enhance your next party, from clever cards and gift tags to a collection of fun games and icebreakers.

As the Elfster “elves” say about their Fun Stuff: “The best part? We elves are super modest and don’t really like to take credit for our ingenious ideas, so you can tell your friends it was all you and claim your rightful title of “Head Elf!”