How to Dominate an Online Market Niche

SBANetWebAn article entitled “Dominate Your Niche With These 7 Killer Strategies” gives the following valuable tips on how to dominate a market niche:

1) Establish strong branding. Explain the features of your service or product better than anyone else.

2) One important way to do this is to develop a superior video. As the article explains, “Most people today would rather watch a video than read text.”

3) Virtual event marketing, using webinars and teleseminars, attracts and educates prospective customers.

4) Making the website mobile-friendly keeps in touch with people on the go.

5) Use search engine optimization (SEO) for videos, press releases and all the other ways you reach the public.

6) Press releases are essential for attracting the attention of major media.

7) Social media can take your branding viral.

A uGuru article, “How to discover and dominate niche markets”  stresses the importance of selecting a small niche inside a bigger industry. They give the example of a company choosing heating and air conditioning within the larger home comfort industry. They say, “If you sell to everyone, you’ll sell to no one.” Starting in a smaller niche gives the company a large client base and sufficient revenue to build upon.

A great example of just such a strategy put into practice is BBO Poker Tables. They offer a wide range of features available in custom poker tables and accessories for the home and then employ tactics to dominate their niche. Their website is easily navigable. They establish their dominance, in part by offering the widest array of customizable features. For instance, by offering an infinite array of custom poker table graphics.

BBO’s site goes into detail explaining the variety of poker table playing surfaces available and give suggestions on how to choose the one best for the customer.  Velveteen or micro suede playing surfaces are standard with every table. They are not, however, water resistant and therefor subject to stain. And over time they will show wear from hours of use. As an alternative, they offer upgraded surfaces that are stainproof and resist wear.

BBO Poker Tables also offer a wide range of poker table supplies and accessories. In addition to a choice of covers they offer various materials from which to build the table, different styles of table legs, armrest covers and all the necessary accessories for poker players, from poker chips to automatic card shufflers. The purchaser can choose from tables in stock or design a custom table his own. There are even tables for those who need a poker table that doubles as a dining table.

Though BBO Poker Tables focuses on products for the home they target markets for larger quantities as well, such as poker tournaments tables, many of which are held by charitable organizations. As with tables for the home, tournament tables can be selected from those in stock or customized. BBO also wholesales poker tables to casinos BBO gives to charities and also is  the official table brand of the World Poker Tour, thus combining real world events with the ecommerce experience.